Hazle Township

Hazle Township

Zoning/Permits Office

As with all municipalities, Hazle Township has zoning regulations that control land usage. Additionally, the township requires permits for a variety of activities.

Hazle Township's Zoning/Permits Office makes complying with township regulations easy, especially with the forms available for download on our website. Simply print and fill out the form you need and return it to the zoning office.

In general, zoning regulations promote, protect and facilitate the public health, safety, morals, general welfare and well-being of the residents and visitors of a municipality. A zoning officer reviews all applications for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and uses to insure the proposals meet the allowable setback, height, lot density and use for the area involved. The zoning officer also conducts field inspections to ensure compliance.

Permits are required for a number of activities in Hazle Township. Building permits are required for all new construction and repairs to structures. Each commercial contractor who works in the township is required to have a contractor’s license. Other permits are required for residential, business and temporary trailer occupancy; vendors; fences; demolition; road cuts and road occupancy.

• Download Hazle Township Zoning Ordinance

• Airport Zoning Map

• E-File Request for Construction or Alteration

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• Click here to view the Stormwater Ordinance 2011-8-8-1

• Click here to view the Stormwater Management Permit Fee Schedule

Zoning Hearing Board of Appeals

Applicants who are denied a permit or cited by the zoning officer for violations may appeal that decision to the Zoning Hearing Board of Appeals.

The board is composed of three appointed members who are residents of the township. Each member is appointed for a period of three years and appointments are staggered with an appointment occurring each year.

In appealing a denial or enforcement notice, the appellant may ask the board to grant a variance (a special exception) to build a structure, use a property for a certain purpose or overrule an enforcement notice. Meetings are held to hear testimony on the appeal.

The board will hear all evidence on the appeal from the zoning officer and the aggrieved party, as well as any neighbors or other interested parties. The board then renders a decision. It may grant the petition, grant it with conditions or deny it. A person has the right to appeal any board decision to the local Court of Common Pleas.

Download the Zoning Appeals form